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Founded in 2010, AWAAZ Productions, Inc. is the brainchild of founder Dr. Fasi Khurram. He looked at the entertainment universe and saw islands of companies serving niche markets. His vision was to unify all services under one banner, creating a single body of integrated companies that complement and reinforce each other.

More than just a production company, AWAAZ Productions’ business structure is both deep and wide, encompassing the entire media spectrum. With its affiliated companies like the AWAAZ Academy of Arts and AWAAZ Studios, it provides services to support all phases of content creation, from training talent and developing show concepts to production and distribution of the finished product (see Projects for more information).

About Us

Fasi Khurram, CEO

A man of many diverse interests and talents, Fasi has done a little bit of everything: he was a soccer standout in his youth, earned an MD from the Russian State Medical University, was Executive Director of Marketing for Clegg and Credico, founded a telecommunications company in Canada, and even hosted radio shows in Silicon Valley. AWAAZ Productions represents the culmination of his dream to create an opportunity platform to give all cultures a Voice, which, translated into Hindi/Urdu, is “AWAAZ”.



Why go to LA or New York when you can get your start right here in the Bay Area? The AWAAZ Academy of Arts was started with a simple goal in mind: provide talented students a local setting where they can get the practical, quality training they need to get started in the entertainment industry.

Depending on which curriculum you decide to take, you can get hands-on, real life experience of what it’s like to perform in front of the camera, and learn the ins and outs of the entertainment business from industry veterans.

Perhaps most important of all, once you are trained we can actually guarantee you a role in a TV show or film, a magazine spot, radio airtime and more. How? Because we make our own content and also distribute it on own platforms like AWAAZ TV, IPTV, AWAAZ Magazine, and AWAAZ Flix.

We believe that no one else in Northern California can offer the value and opportunities that we can. The AWAAZ Academy currently offers several different packages based on what you want to achieve. Which one is right for you? For more information, please visit our website at


AWAAZ TV is the nation’s first dedicated multilingual cable channel with the primary goals of preserving cultural heritage and native languages while simultaneously promoting unity through diversity. Our channel prides itself on being available to the community, functioning as a platform for upcoming actors and producers who want to see their projects get airtime. Our shows covers a wide range of topics, from education and entertainment, to travel and documentaries, to sports.

Contact us to see how easy it is to get your show on the air. For more information, go to the AWAAZ TV website at


AWAAZ IPTV provides a 24/7 platform for actors and producers to connect to family, their community, and target audiences worldwide through the internet. It offers the advantage of being readily available to consumer viewing through a wide range of devices, whether it be a TV, computer, tablet or handheld smartphone.
For more information, please see our website at


AWAAZ FLIX is a multi-language pay per view and on demand service that also offers DVD rentals to subscribers. If you are a producer or independent filmmaker, AWAAZ FLIX provides an easy way to distribute your content to a worldwide audience.
For more information, please visit


AWAAZ Music is a new, upcoming recording and distribution label that provides a frontline approach to catalog management, a concentration of resources, a greater emphasis on strategic marketing initiatives and opportunities in new technologies such as the Internet.

For more information, please visit: |


AWAAZ Magazine is a unique and innovative community-based magazine that serves as an exhibition space for voices and faces in the bay area and nationwide. Each issue focuses on timely social topics, kids, health, fashion, relationships and more. Taking a refreshingly non-commercial approach to publishing, the pages of our magazine are filled with information and real people.
If you have a story that you want to share, please contact us. For more information, please visit


Coming Soon


Cali-Wood Studios is an alternative platform to Hollywood and Bollywood. This Northern California-based company makes original and daring films that challenge the mainstream to embrace and enjoy voices and visions from around the world. In addition, Cali-Wood Studios offer local performers and artists the opportunity to work with, and learn from, successful industry professionals.
If you would like to join us as a co-producer, contact us about our co-producer package. Please visit us at


Here is the Description :
Launched in March 2017, AFlicks allows billions of people from the diversify communities in multiple languages to discover, watch and share originally-created videos. AFlicks provides a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe in multiple languages and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators from the diverse communities and advertisers large and small . AFlicks allows users to upload videos, create channels and playlists from front-end in Multiple Languages around the World.

AFlicks is the first leading diverse digital content Platform since 2017

AFlicks is the world’s first Diversify platform which represent upto or more than 50 languages , leading diversify internet television network.It specializes in and provides streaming media and video-on-demand online from the diversify communities around the world.


AWAAZ Radio is community-based online radio that can be heard worldwide. If you would like to get your business, product or service instantly connected to the worldwide community, we will make it happen for you. Just visit our website at to find out how we can create a customized, effective marketing program for you!


With the overall goal to raise cricket’s profile as a popular international sport, the AWAAZ Cricket Club provides individual players the chance to register online and participate in professional organized league play. The benefits of being a member include media coverage, sponsorship, recognition at both the team and player levels, frequent practice under a certified coach and tournaments both national and international.

For more information, please visit

Studio Management

Production Services

Creation of content is the soul of entertainment. Many people, however, have an excellent concept but don’t know how to proceed with the next step. Taking an idea and making it a reality requires both know-how and resources. AWAAZ Productions can provide help at every phase of the creative process so that you end up with the show you envisioned.


We can help your produce your show, from concept to distribution. Our creative team provides consultation so that you create the show you want whether pre-recorded or live. Then we can broadcast your content on cable TV or stream it on our own internet channel on IPTV. With AWAAZ, there’s no need to haggle with TV stations to sell your content just to get it shown because we own the channel.
Right now, we are also offering a Special Promotion: if you own a restaurant and are interested in having a half-hour food show dedicated to just your food, we can make it happen for $1500 per episode. If you buy 5 episodes or more, the cost drops to only $1000 per episode. Each episode will be aired twice on AWAAZ TV.

Music Videos

Whether in the studio or on location, our resources enable you to harmoniously combine the music industry with video production.


We use our industry connections to support all phases of film production: finding the right script, assembling the production crew, casting, scheduling and managing the shoot, editing, and marketing and distributing the finished film.

Movie Making Equipment List
Digital Cinema services List

Customized Sets

Our studio is large enough to be customized to create multiple sets. We have contacts who can provide all the props you need, and crews to create your set.

Stage & Lighting

Our studio can also be used for live programs like fashion shows, musical performances, etc. Depending on the need, we can set up custom staging and lighting arrangements to highlight the performers.

Content Syndication


AWAAZ Productions have the exiting news for the Independent Film Makers & Producers from diverse communities such as Hispanic, Chinese, Nepal, Indian , Bangladesh , Russian, Pakistani, Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Punjabi, Persian, Korean, Japanese, also from Hollywood & Bollywood award – winning feature films from the Film Festivals will have the opportunity to be released in the Theaters & the commercial movies from above mentioned diverse communities feature films as well are welcome too , as upon interest from the experts of the Theaters across USA & CANADA depending on there demographics around their locations.Submit your finished content to AWAAZ and get the feedback or options about releasing your feature films in the theaters across USA & CANADA, It’s easier than you think and our services rates are very competitive. For more information about releasing your feature films and the procedure of setting up services please connect thru Email: or Only on Whats App : 1408-674-5385.

Many independent producers create original content but stand very little chance of getting it picked up by distributors for a host of reasons: it’s not “commercial enough”, it’s too short, lack of exposure, etc. But with AWAAZ, independent producers have multiple options for getting their work shown.

Distribution on Cable or Satellite

Submit your finished content to AWAAZ and get it broadcast on cable TV or satellite It’s easier than you think and our rates are very competitive.

Distribution on IPTV Platform

Our IPTV license allows us to have our very own dedicated internet channel that operates 24/7. If you put your content on our channel, it can not only been seen worldwide, it will even be available for viewing on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Or if you have live content that you want streamed for a private audience, our channel can provide secure access for only your attendees. If you are a prolific producer and have a lot of your own content, we can even lease a subchannel to you.


World Film Fest (WFF) San Francisco is a Non-Profit organization based in the California, features the best of world cinema with a gateway to Silicon Valley that fosters creative, technical talent and Independent Film Makers. We present the newest and best films from around the world.

  • Short Films
  • Feature Film
  • Documentaries (short & feature)
  • Screenplay Contest
  • Music videos / Songwriting Contest





AWAAZ Buzz World Wide Film Festival

Many film producers submit their film to a film festival hoping to capture the attention of film distributors, but they have to compete against hundreds, even thousands, of other producers. An online platform, AWAAZ Buzz provides an alternative way for producers from around the world to get their films in front of the public.

Unlike other film festivals, EVERYONE who registers their film with AWAAZ Buzz will get their film shown. Filmmakers can then leverage our platform and their own friends and family to generate positive “buzz”. Festival winners will be the five films that receive the most popular support.

AWAAZ Buzz is the world’s first IPTV film festival, viewable online as well as on IOS and Android devices. All 5 Winners will also have their entries shown in a bay area AMC theatre and will be eligible for compensation packages without any additional set up fees. In addition, AWAAZ Buzz will held every three months.


– SHORT FILMS : $199 / Film
– FEATURE FILMS : $ 299/ Film BUY NOW!


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